Municipal Events

We love working with our local governments and municipalities to help our cozmmunity thrive. Over the years we have collaborated with numerous institutions such as the City of Portland, Austin, San Francisco and other government organizations such as N.A.S.A.

Featured Event: Yuri’s Night at N.A.S.A Ames Research Center

A beautiful weekend with over 10,000 Bay Area students at the N.A.S.A. Ames Research Center to celebrate Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. We set up an interactive exhibit featuring our hybrid solar-wind & biofuel generator as well as educational materials and a hands on electrical metering exercise. Big thanks to our friends and sponsors at Symbiosis Events, Dell Computers, Al-razaq and N.A.S.A. for a spectacular event with education, arts, music, learning & fun.

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