Production Management


Production management and staffingNASA Yuri's Night Mainstage

Whether it be managing a budget, staffing, or infrastructure procurement; we have the industry knowledge to assist any production.In the past our staff has worked to head various production departments such as site operations, business management, volunteers and staffing, vendors, entertainment and booking, stage management, hospitality, box office, waste management, security, catering, procurement and much more.

Holistic greening initiatives

Greening initiatives are anything that will reduce the overall environmental impact of the event. In many cases, this will relate directly to waste, power generation, transport, water, materials and innovation related to event activities and practices. We have a lot of experience implementing green initiatives such as zero waste sites, clean power, alternative fuel, transport, on-site gray water systems, sustainable product sourcing, educational exhibits and interactive art. In addition, we can organize all of an events efforts into a “Carbon or Green House Gas Emissions Report” that will measure, calculate and present the overall impact of the event. Click here to read the full report on our 100% Carbon Neutral Earth Day 2011 event!

We work closely with our community partners and colleagues to assist in making your production as green as desired. Our experience has shown us that its easy to reduce our impact on the environment as well as make good financial sense.

Sponsorship support

We can help you achieve the financial means necessary to make your production as successful as possible. This involves intentional and timely outreach to companies interested in supporting your event either financially, with services or through in-kind donations.

Entertainment management

Our partners specialize in promotions, talent buying, production logistics and management. We can organize sound systems, stages, lights  and entertainment for any event. Visit Abstract Earth Project website for a look at some of the possible artists and projects!

Let us know how we can help your project!